Trade Allies

Becoming a PNM Trade Ally is great news for your business. As a Trade Ally, you could:

  • Connect with multifamily property owners who are interested in making energy efficient upgrades
  • Expand your professional service offerings to multifamily properties
  • Expand your multifamily building knowledge through technical training and mentoring
  • Stay abreast of energy trends, best practices, incentives, and resources

The PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program offers incentives paid directly to Trade Allies:

  • Higher rebates and more retrofit flexibility than standard program participants.
  • Incentives designed to cover a portion of the cost of larger and more complex energy upgrades

Assist your customers with energy efficiency improvements to:

  • Reduce operational costs and increase net operating income
  • Reduce tenant complaints and turnover
  • Increase property value, real estate marketability, and appeal
  • Improve comfort and affordability of apartments

How to become a Trade Ally

  • Trade Allies must meet all participation eligibility criteria, complete program orientation and training requirements, and sign a participation agreement. Trade Allies must:

    *Trade Allies must be approved by the program BEFORE receiving rebates from the PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, so sign up today!

Sign up today! Call: 1-888-554-3323       Email:

Click to download the Program Brochure for property retrofits
Click to download the Program Brochure for new construction projects

Program Forms

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