Trade Allies

Becoming a PNM Trade Ally is great news for your business. As a Trade Ally, you could:

  • Connect with multifamily property owners who are interested in making energy efficient upgrades
  • Expand your professional service offerings to multifamily properties
  • Expand your multifamily building knowledge through technical training and mentoring
  • Stay abreast of energy trends, best practices, incentives, and resources

The PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program offers incentives paid directly to Trade Allies:

  • Full cost rebates for certain energy upgrades – this means you can offer free upgrades which could result in increased sales of larger or more complex upgrades. Trade Allies must agree to the direct install pricing offered by the Program. (Details in the Trade Ally Application)
  • Incentives designed to cover a portion of the cost of larger and more complex energy upgrades

Assist your customers with energy efficiency improvements to:

  • Reduce operational costs and increase net operating income
  • Reduce tenant complaints and turnover
  • Increase property value, real estate marketability, and appeal
  • Improve comfort and affordability of apartments

How to become a Trade Ally

  • Trade Allies must meet all participation eligibility criteria, complete program orientation and training requirements, and sign a participation agreement. Trade Allies must:

    *Trade Allies must be approved by the program BEFORE receiving rebates from the PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, so sign up today!

Sign up today! Call: 1-888-554-3323       Email:

Click to download the PNM 2018 Program Brochure.

Program Forms

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