Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to fill out the property evaluation form if I request a basic audit?
A: No, but it is helpful.  The Energy Advisor will complete the form on your behalf during the basic audit.

Q: I participated in a PNM or weatherization program in the last 10 years.  Am I eligible to participate?
A: Yes, there is no limitation on the number of times or frequency of participation in the PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate Program.

Q: As a Trade Ally, can I use the PNM logo for marketing materials?
A: Trade Allies are not permitted to co-brand with the PNM logo, but are welcome to print program collateral from the website to share with customers.

Q: Are refrigerators eligible for recycling rebate in addition to the replacement rebate?
A: Yes, customers may claim a rebate through the Refrigerator Recycling program for old refrigerators recycled.

Q: Do I have to complete ALL upgrades at one time, or can I complete them in phases?
A: We recommend completing as much of your intended scope at one time. However, eligible PNM customers can complete their upgrades in phases through separate rebate reservations. Please contact us directly if you plan to submit multiple rebate reservations for one property.

Q: How are incentives calculated if the number of lamps or fixtures I remove from the property is not equal to the number of lamps or fixtures installed through my retrofit project?
A: If the number of lamps you are installing is lower than the number you are removing, you may only claim rebates for installed (replaced) lamps.  If you are completing a lighting redesign through which the number and exact location of lighting fixtures will change, a custom rebate may be claimed for overall wattage reduction.  Please consult a program Energy Advisor for details.

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