Case Studies

Paseo Del Sol Apartments, Santa Fe

Free Energy Audit Reveals Unexpected Opportunities

12492197Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority (SFCHA), manager of Paseo Del Sol apartments, was considering improving the complex’s common area lighting. However, after the PNM Multifamily Upgrade program conducted a free basic audit, SFCHA found more energy- and cost-saving opportunities. SHCHA installed improved site lighting and in-unit LED conversions, which means less maintenance and lower energy bills. By converting to long-life, non-mercury containing LED lighting, SFCHA has eliminated mercury hazards at the site and reduced atmospheric mercury emissions and landfill waste.

View the full case study to learn how Paseo Del Sol earned $21,368 in incentives.

Camino Real Apartments, Albuquerque

Using a Trade Ally Affords Unexpected Opportunities

Camino Real ApartmentsCamino Real’s original energy efficiency project was limited to common area and exterior lighting. However, after working with a PNM Multifamily Trade Ally (ICAST), Maxus Properties, Inc. found additional energy and cost saving options such as in-unit LED lighting, water/energy-saving showerheads, and faucet aerators. The resulting retrofits have led to reduced costs for both owners and tenants!

View the full case study to learn how Camino Real earned $34,965 in incentives from PNM.


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