Reduce Costs By Winterizing Swamp Coolers

Reduce energy spending by covering swamp coolers

Last month’s blog about Energy Efficiency Day mentioned powering down swamp coolers (evaporative coolers) during the winter months as a way to save on energy costs. This month, the PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program encourages property owners to use swamp cooler covers (available at home improvement stores) during the winter, which minimizes the air flow between the interior and exterior, reducing heating costs and improving resident comfort.

What happens to uncovered swamp coolers?

If your furnace frequently cycles on-and-off, it might be a good time to check unwanted leakages through your swamp cooler. Even when a swamp cooler is powered down for winter months, the cooler’s vents remain open. The vents allow heated air from the home’s interior to rise through the duct work and escape into the atmosphere. Likewise, all of that escaping air promotes cold air leakage elsewhere in the home, which leads to resident discomfort and higher energy bills.

How to cover and properly seal a swamp cooler

Swamp cooler covers are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.  First, winterize the swamp cooler by following these easy steps below (always follow manufacturer recommendations) or watch this video available on YouTube.

  1. Disconnect the unit’s power.
  2. Drain the water from the swamp cooler, and then plug the drain hole.
  3. Replace panels and vent and lock back into place.
  4. Place cover over the swamp cooler.  At the bottom, there are draw strings that you can pull for a tight seal.
  5. Turn off the water supply.
  6. Close and cover the interior supply vent.

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