Is it time to replace your refrigerator?

Stop adding extra heat to your kitchen with an old, inefficient refrigerator

As your refrigerator runs, it cools your food, but also dumps excess heat into your kitchen.  Reduce that unwanted heat with a new refrigerator and PNM will provide pickup service of your old refrigerator and freezer. A few good reasons to upgrade:

The PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program offers a $65 rebate for replacing your old refrigerator and freezer with an ENERGY STAR® Certified refrigerator or freezer! To get started and fill out a program application, <click here>.

In addition, recycling your old refrigerator or freezer can decrease your monthly PNM bill and possibly earn you an additional $50 rebate from the PNM Refrigerator Recycling Program. To learn more about PNM’s program, <click here>.

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