What the wind?! Unwanted air leakage, and what to do about it.

Air Leakage = Discomfort + Higher Spending


Living in New Mexico, we all know the winds can be intense. The other day the wind was so strong that something strange happened at my house—the fireplace damper opened itself!! The resulting air-leakage filled the living room with hot air from outside, making my air conditioning run every 15 minutes!

Unwanted air leakage forces your air conditioning and heating systems to work harder, causing occupant discomfort and higher utility bills.  Open fireplace dampers are a prime source of air leakage in homes. PNM encourages customers to check dampers often, weekly or even daily, and keeping them shut when not in use. As mentioned, severe wind gusts are so strong in New Mexico, they can potentially open fireplace dampers—imagine what they can do to your heating and cooling bills with a wide-open damper!

Check those dampers, stay comfortable, and save $$ (energy and water too!).

Want to save even more money, energy, and water?  Check out some of the programs and rebates offered by PNM.

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