Buildings Don’t Use Energy – People Do!


Engage your residents to save energy and money.


Apartment owners can influence energy savings in three ways:

1. Energy upgrades can be achieved through participation in PNM’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, which provides technical assistance and cash incentives for the installation of energy efficient equipment.

2. Operations and maintenance relies on properly training property managers and maintenance staff to operate and maintain equipment.

3. Conservation is achieved primarily through tenant conservation, and is often overlooked, but can benefit both the property owner and the tenant in multiple ways:

  • Shared utility cost reduction on HVAC or other central systems
  • Reduce the incidence of repairs and operational costs, and extend life of equipment
  • Create a culture of savings, tenant satisfaction, and green conscience to potential renters

So, how do you encourage your tenants to conserve energy?

Consistently share simple tips and reminders. A number of strategies are available to help inspire your residents to change their energy use habits. Include tips and encouragement in your tenant communications (newsletters, bulletins on community boards, at the rental office, etc.) Display notes and posters around common areas, appliances, and light switches to keep energy efficiency at the top of residents’ minds.

For additional tips and resources on how to save energy in your building, including resident engagement strategies, see the following resources:

Create a friendly competition. Sometimes, a little incentive is all it takes to engage residents in more energy-efficient behaviors. By running simple contests and offering prizes, you make energy efficiency social, competitive, and fun.

Complement your energy upgrades with a tenant conservation plan. Contact the PNM Multifamily Team for more information and strategies on how to reduce tenant energy use.

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