LED Light Bulbs for Multifamily Properties

The PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program is providing you, as a multifamily property owner or manager, the opportunity to upgrade to LED lighting for free. Qualified properties will receive free bulbs—up to 5 per unit, and as many as needed in common areas—and a participating Trade Ally will come to your property and perform the installation.

Program Details
Qualified properties must have five or more attached dwelling units and be a PNM customer. Participants will select from a list of program contractors, who will provide the bulbs for in-unit upgrades and perform the installation in common areas—no need to wait for rebates. In-unit fixtures in living, dining, and kitchen areas are eligible. LED bulbs must replace incandescent bulbs in hardwired fixtures. Note, contractors will perform installation on working, hardwired fixtures only, and will not perform any hardwiring services.

LED Bulbs Provide Incredible Savings
With an average useful life of over 20 years and savings of at least 75% versus a standard, comparable incandescent bulb, LEDs are the best long-term savings option for multifamily properties. Installing a single LED bulb to replace a standard incandescent bulb saves an average of $5 in utility costs annually and approximately $140 over its lifetime. Compounded by the number of bulbs in your unit, that can add up to significant savings.

Act Now—Funding is Limited
Funding is limited, and qualified properties will be treated on a first come, first served basis. Contact a PNM program contractor to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to reduce costs and energy use.

Consult with your PNM Energy Advisor to explore your options.
Call: 1-888-554-3323
Email: multifamily@pnm.com
Click: PNM.com/multifamily
Trade Ally: pnmmultifamily.com/participati
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